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Falmata Abubakar talked with the Hausa Service of the Voice of America, VOA, in the town of Shekau, Yobe state.

In a report distributed Thursday, VOA said senior citizens and pioneer of the town took its group to the lady.

The report likewise said Mr Shekau's late dad was the Imam of the town Mosque before his demise.

Ms Abubakar said she had no clue where her child was or his circumstance.

"I don't know whether he is in any condition, just God knows, I have not seen him over the most recent 15 years," she said.

Inhabitants of the town said they generally shrouded the character of their town because of a paranoid fear of being related with the Boko Haram pioneer.

Mr Shekau is infamous for his authority of the dangerous gathering in charge of the passings of a huge number of individuals in Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

He has by and by completed the execution of a few people including individuals from the order he leads. He has likewise completed numerous strikes prompting passing and obliteration of numerous towns and towns over the north eastern piece of Nigeria.

His mom said Mr Shekau left the town for Maiduguri, the Borno state capital as a young man looking for Islamic information. She said he was an "almajiri kid" who strolls around the lanes of Maiduguri searching for sustenance.

She said it was over the span of looking for Islamic learning that her child came into contact with the originator of Boko Haram, Mohammed Yusuf. She said the late Boko Haram pioneer was the person who taught her child.

"I didn't set my eyes on him since he came into contact with Mohammed Yusuf," she said.

"I know he is my child, and everybody knows a mother's adoration for her child, however our state of mind to life is unique," she said.

She additionally said "He has put such a large number of individuals in genuine trouble, I ask that God guides him right".

Ms Falmata said she won't revile his child, saying "he has picked a way unique in relation to the one we put him on, just God comprehends what he has progressed toward becoming at this point".

Mr Shekau took administration of the gathering after the passing of its organizer, Mr Yusuf, who was executed in police care.

The Nigerian military has more than once guaranteed to have slaughtered Mr Shekau. Those cases have turned out false.

The Boko Haram pioneer is on the Nigerian government's rundown of most needed fear mongers. The United States government likewise has an abundance on him.

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