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PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has apologized to the family of Moshood Abiola

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has apologized to the family  of Moshood Abiola, for the shamefulness done to the late lawmaker by the military administration of Ibrahim Babangida, by canceling the June 12, 1993 general race which was for the most part accepted to have been won by Abiola.

Buhari said this while conveying his discourse at the occasion to present an after death national respect of Grand Commander of the Federal Republic (GCFR) on Abiola, as a characteristic of acknowledgment of his triumph in the race which has been portrayed as the freest and most attractive in Nigeria's history.

"For the benefit of the central government, I delicate the country's expression of remorse to the group of the late M.K.O Abiola, who got the most elevated vote, and to those that lost their friends and family over the span of June 12 battle," Buhari said in a voice that sounded mournful.

"We can't rewind the past, yet we can at any rate mollify our sentiments, perceive that a wrong has been conferred, and take steps to stand firm, now and later on, for the sacredness of free races.

"Nigerians will never again endure such depravity of equity.

Testament of after death GCFR gave on M.K.O Abiola

"This review and post humous acknowledgment is just a representative token of change and reward for the heinous damage done to the peace and solidarity of our nation.

"Our choice to perceive and respect June 12 and its performing artists, is in the National intrigue. It is gone for settling national concealed process, and compromise of the 25-year rotting twisted caused by the annullment of the June 12 races.

"I sincerely welcome all Nigerians over the entirety of our national separation to acknowledge it in great destiny.

"Our activity today is to cover the negative side of June 12. The side of sick emotions, loathe, disappointment and desolation.

"What we are doing is celebrating and valuing the positive side of June 12: the June 12 which recorded majority rule government and flexibility, the June 12 that beat our different partitions, and the June 12 that delivered solidarity and national attachment.

"This is the June 12 we are commending today and we will sustain it to our people to come."

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