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Sex-for-marks: victim, Linda Ikeji decline to show up ―VC


THE Overseeing Board of University of Lagos, UNILAG, on Monday, said the university would almost certainly include the police to urge the informer of Prof Olusegun Awonusi of the Bureau of English Dialect of the organization, Miss Happiness Nwanna and the publisher of the Linda Ikeji blog, Ms Linda Ikeji, to show up before a reality discovering council constituted by the university to explore the issue, and substantiate their affirmations and report, separately.

The university said all endeavors to get especially Awonusi's informer and persuade Linda Ikeji whose site distributed the news and semi-bare photos of the wear in the focal point of the assertion to substantiate their cases, were without much of any result.

The Vice Chancellor of UNILAG, Prof Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, made this divulgence at a public interview at the University's Senate meeting on Monday.

It will be reviewed that the news of the assertion against the wear by his informer for reason for granting her undue imprints broke out on Monday, May 29, 2018, while the university constituted a reality discovering board nine days after, to examine the issue, the report of which was the subject of the question and answer session 38 days after.

As per the vice chancellor, the investigative board comprised of five educators, three female and two male drawn from various offices in the college has presented its report and the starter discoveries demonstrate that the charge of lewd behavior was not substantiated by the asserted casualty or some other individual.

"In this way, examinations are not yet finished up and the college would investigate every possibility to get to the foundation of the issue and guarantee equity is conveyed," the VC guaranteed.

Ogundipe, in any case, said Prof Awonusi, who is a previous Vice Chancellor of the Tai Solarin College of Instruction. Ijebu Tribute had showed up twice before the test board and furthermore presented his composed protection as an answer to his question on the issue.

He said through him(Prof Awonusi), the asserted casualty was similarly recognized as Miss Delight Nwanna who picked up induction into the English Office as an immediate understudy in the 2012\2013 session and moved on from the college in the 2015\2016 session.

"And all endeavors to contact Miss Nwanna utilizing her contact points of interest including phone number and email address and in addition those of her closest relative and support in her record with the college demonstrated unsuccessful as the entirety of their phone numbers did not experience.

"The board likewise endeavored to contact Linda Ikeji to persuade the claimed casualty to approach yet she was not likewise expected."

The VC said the nonattendance of contributions from the two people was not helping the issue.

The Vice chancellor, accordingly, asked the press and the general population to help the university by awing it on Miss Nwanna to approach to substantiate her claim.

He guaranteed both Nwanna and Ikeji of vital insurance in the event that they should approach.

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