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"What's on your mind?"- Tijjani Muhammad Musa

"What's on your mind?"- Tijjani Muhammad Musa

I once posted in response to the Facebook question "What's on your mind?" That though I'm a public figure within my domain, yet my personal life is private and so not for public consumption.
I therefore don't do all those "Happy birthday to me", "I'm travelling, need your prayers" "I'm sick or in serious pains", "You're invited to eat Danwake or Shinkafa da wake" or stuffs like that.

I however share social, cultural, religious, political, educational, inspirational, motivational and other stuffs like that, which I believe are knowledge based and so could be beneficial to all.
Most especially to encourage others to aspire to it e.g. getting married, taking your wife on a journey rather than a mistress or adding a degree to your qualification and so on.

I also share public images, graphix, meme, quotes, poetry and write-ups etc that is general knowledge based to all in order to inform, enlighten, educate etc.
But anything that has to do with my private life, my family, my intimacy and so on is strictly mine for keeps, revealed only to a privileged few, whom I consider real and true friends.

Also once in a while I do the "Bi ni'imatu Rabbika fa hadith" (Of the glad tidings of your Lord upon you, broadcast) thing to reap its hidden benefits, which I know not of.

Even that, I do not make it regular to avoid pomposity and aggrandizement. So, you'll hardly see pix of my nuclear or extended family members or what's happening to them online.
The less you expose of yourself and your family, the safer you are, they are, the whole world is. Many evil that befalls us is from what we reveal to others, which is used against us.
Therefore, filter your social media feeds and keep your secrets secret.

By Tijjani Muhammad Musa

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