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Woman purportedly brutalized by her significant other over missing N500

A lady has blamed her better half for battering her after his N500 disappeared at their home in Lagos.

Motunrayo Eweje, a beautician, guarantees her better half, Ayoyemi Eweje, couldn't discover the N500 note he kept in a container on the fridge in their Baiyewu, Ikorodu living arrangement. Subsequently, he blamed her for having a comment with the missing cash and severely beat her up last Tuesday, July 3.

She said she was making a client's hair on June 27, when Eweje, a generator repairer, blamed her for taking the cash. He requested her to go and search for it however she before long came back to her client. When she completed, he declined to give her access to the house.

Motunrayo disclosed to The Nation that the following day, Eweje requested her to pack out of their home and she exited with her two youngsters, matured 11 and 5 years, to her companion, Mrs Blessing Jacob's place. As indicated by her, last Tuesday, July 3, Eweje trailed her to Jacob's place, beat her up and debilitated to kill her and her companion.

Motunrayo stated:

My better half was searching for N500 that Wednesday. I was making somebody's hair outside the house when he advised my kids to call me. He requested the cash. I disclosed to him I didn't know anything about it and I returned outside to keep making the hair. When I completed, I returned home however the entryway was bolted. I had no way out than to go to Mrs Jacob's place that night.

The next day (Thursday), I returned home to deal with my kids, and do some house tasks yet the entryway was bolted. I went to where he was to get the key. He came back to the house, opened the entryway, sat down, folded his legs and instructed me to pack my things. I did as he said in light of the fact that I was at that point tired of the marriage and I returned to my companion's home with my kids.

Last Tuesday, he went to my companion's home around midnight and thumped on the entryway. My companion and I thought he came to settle the squabble however he went into the house and beat me genuinely, abandoning me harmed.

I am worn out on this marriage and I need it to end. It has been brimming with squabbles, beatings and contentions. I am not in affection once more. My better half does not deal with me; he just pays the kids' school fess and house lease. I am the one that deals with my kids both in nourishing and apparel. He doesn't give me cash for sustenance.

Mrs Jacob supported Motunrayo's cases. She revealed to The Nation that Motunrayo is her dear companion and she enabled her go to her home since her better half battled with her.

Mrs Jacob stated:

I squabbled with her that she ought to return to her better half (before the day he came to beat her) and make peace with him, yet she said the man would not like to see her once more, that her things had been tossed outside, that on the off chance that she went home, he would kill her. That was the reason I obliged her.

I went to her better half to ask for her benefit and that he ought to acknowledge her, yet he can't.

He went to my home that Tuesday around midnight. When he was thumping the entryway, I thought he came to make peace, and to take his youngsters and spouse. When he entered, he humiliated me, saying I was the one urging his better half to be wayward. He said he needed to take his youngsters and all of a sudden, he began beating his significant other.

I advised the lady to run out, however he said he would murder her, that no police could capture him. He said I should call whoever I needed to call. He said for tolerating her in my home, he would execute her, and slaughter me too.

Be that as it may, Eweje, who conceded beating his better half, revealed to The Nation that it was an oversight. Reviewing the episode, he said she approached him for cash for nourishment however he disclosed to her he didn't have.

Eweje stated:

I later recollected that I place N500 in a toon on my ice chest in the house. I approached the kids for it however they said they didn't see it. I likewise approached her for it, she said she didn't take it, I disclosed to her nobody else could have taken the cash and that she ought to go and search for it; however she walked out on me and left the house and she never returned home till the following day. I needed to give her that cash for nourishment.

He likewise denied soliciting her to pack out from the house.

Eweje, who was captured last Wednesday, said that he was discharged on Friday on safeguard subsequent to paying N30,000.

Police representative, Chike Oti said the issue is under scrutiny.

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