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Why is Nigeria this RETROGRESSIVE?- Usman Zakari Ibrahim

The last time I went to "other" bank to make withdrawdal was, perhaps, more than two years ago. So yersterday after the only FCMB Katsina branch failed to dispense money to me, I made the "mistake" of going to the bank other bank. There, my account was debited without dispense too. So I waited for the consolating 24 hours for a possible reversal. Hours past and no reversal, hence I had to go and fill the dispense error form. To me surprise, the customer attendant told me it would possibly take 3 weeks to get transaction reversed, and I should come back if I have not received alert by then. In other words, it takes 15 working days to reverse an ATM error transaction between two banks! This is quite incredible to me. So I asked the customer attendant: "Was I being punished for using another bank's ATM?" "Why didn't use our ATMs?" She replied curtly, queried. Well I explained how their machines were not dispensing and how I had to go the "the other banks" to try my luck. Well, my attendant would no believe so and insisted that their machines were loaded 24 hours! 24 fa! See bare-faced lie! Several times I waited, amidst other people, for hours while those in charge of the ATMs are called to, more often than not, load money, or correct a machine error, among other perennial issues. All this in a bank you cannot withdraw less than #100, 000 in the banking hall via cheque. And here I was being fed lies of pseudo-efficiency.
I actually thought banks, being private entities are moving ahead of other sectors. I can't believe that things are getting worse, in every sector, every day in this country. Education is practically in shambles. The health sector is equally decayed. Our security is falling apart every minute. Our infrastructures are dead. Unproductive work-force and now the banks are this retrogressive?
Haba! This is getting out of hand!
Emir Muhammadu Sanusi, according reports, has presented a paper that spells terrible fate for Nigeria in no distant future. if such a damning future comes about, woe betide those who push Nigeria to this abyss of hopelessness. Becoming the capital of poverty in the world does not seem promising to me. Woe betide the ruling elite too if things continue this way. There would not be any country continue to misgovern if things keep sliding this terribly. No more nobodys will be around to lord over them. They will all be slaves in other countries; at least, you will lose regal treatment we accord you here.
Time and again, I have said how much disillusioned I have been by our politicians. Right now, I have no political hero. Yes am in search of one. Suppose I will have my way, I will make emir Muhammad Sanusi NIgeria's president. That man has the potential Nigeria needs in a leader to make the country bounce back to life. At least he undertands how modern economies are ran, as far as am concerned, more any public figure I know. I used to politically hero-worship ElRufai untill his true colour of callousness to the weak became obvious. Governance should bring succour to people, not ruthlessly deal with the in the name of reform. Every mechanism should be put in place to protect the weak and plan for upward review of their lives, not suppress and tramble on them. If we continue this decline in every developmental indices, especially education and security, even sadists will not enjoy the drama that will terminate this family.
Blame Nigerian banking ineffiency for my ranting this morning. Several of my personal friends like to read meanings to my posts, and love telling me the motive of my posts. Well, I must thank Prof IBK for teaching me the return of the repressed. Courtesy of that, I know that no writer has control of how his written material is interpreted. Still any knucklehead who again tells me, especially offline, what I mean by this, or any other post, wallahi will be deleted however close we are. Agree or disagree with me here. No disrespect. Thank you.


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