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Know Your Presidential Candidate (8)

Ahmed Buhari Age: 40 Years Party:Sustainable National Party
Office: Presidency


Economy + Inclusive Growth 
The one reason we are not moving forward is that we don’t even know how many people we are dealing with. We need to have proper data management system to let us know how many people we are dealing with otherwise we cannot have a plan, we cannot forecast and we cannot meet the desires of the people.
We would have to diversify our economy. We have to plan away from oil. And this has to do a lot with how we can leverage with the entire value chain of agriculture; focus on solid minerals, develop our people.

Corruption is not only in the executive, legislature or judiciary. It is even more alarming in the civil service. Let us stop dabbling all over the place. The only thing that will help our system function better and help reduce incompetence, negligence and corruption is a well designed technologically driven software structure that will be inserted in our activities especially governmental, and we would notice a transformation.

Government has no business in power generation or distribution. Just leave the damn thing to credible investors and ensure they strictly adhere to guidelines.
Government should give rights to states that have existing generation plants to generate and distribute. Now that it is obvious government does not have the capacity to meet our demand for power, then it must remove its hands from the business and just become a regulatory body observing activities and ensuring that due processes are duly followed.
Government should revisit the privatization contracts and deals and ensure that the distribution companies have the technical and financial capacity. Where they are found wanting, government must intervene and find new partners or support them appropriately.

Job Creation
What we should focus on is infrastructure. We must build Nigeria with Nigerian hands. We can consult whoever from around the world. But 90% of hands for projects must be Nigerian. With regards to administrative responsibilities our best brains must be brought in.
Our strategy for job creation and a reduction in the unemployment indices is a focus on some sectors. We are going to be focusing on agriculture and solid minerals, Information Technology (IT), and education. Our agricultural plan has the potential of creating half a million jobs in the first two years. We intend to revolutionize the agricultural sector by introducing highly-equipped mechanized farming and unlike the eagerness perceived from our Ministry of Agriculture, we will not be in a hurry to export unprocessed products.
We must ensure that we make electricity and internet hubs available to enable aspiring tech-preneurs explore and develop the new Nigeria. Herders - farmers clashes
I don’t see any reason why we should still have people running from North to South with their cattle for the purpose of selling because at the end of the day this whole thing we are talking about is about economics; people just want to sell cattle. I have been a very strong advocate of anti-grazing along the roads. It is beyond people just going to villages and slaughtering people; I think it is unethical for us to still have cattle run onto the road in this day and age and causing all sorts of havoc.
If I am president I will definitely see how we can stop Fulani herdsmen from carrying arms
I think the solution to this situation is ranching. Think about the economics, think about the milk we will get from the cattle, think about the dairy farms and abattoirs that will be next to the ranches. This has to be done by the locals. I don’t think this is a government situation. The locals have to run this business, and say, fine, we have a space of land, come and do your ranching, and all we are asking in return is the milk. Or for each cattle you have here, we will tax you.

State Police
We will decentralize the police. We will have state policing, even though we will have a structure that is going to ensure that the state policing systems within the states are going to be monitored by a central unit that is going to ensure that the politics and politicians within those states won’t abuse the police service.

Other promises tracker
On his four-year plan: My four-year plan is to ensure we employ proper data management systems to help provide accountability, efficiency, transparency and good governance. We will also use our proper data management systems to ensure that we fight insecurity, improve the economy, improve education, improve infrastructure and ensure that we provide a better life for Nigerians.

Women and Youth inclusion in governance
Women have to wake up just the same way I expect the youth to wake up. Nobody will go searching for a woman to come take political positions. Women must realize that they have to be seen, heard and be spot on with their actions. Overall, I believe in gender equality. And for the girl child, her plight is very dear to my heart.

A decentralized system is what my own idea of restructuring is about. This means that states can own their own resources and work on it to the betterment of their people. It’s when you decentralize and give power to component units that things will begin to work well. The only reason we find ourselves in where we are is because we do not know who exactly to hold responsible when things are falling apart.

NNPC reforms + Removal of subsidy
Nigerians should know that there is no such thing as fuel subsidy, It is just racketeering. The numerous accusations against the NNPC and the unfortunate intimacy it has with the executive arm of government that has made all cases brought against the corporation meet brick walls is not just puzzling but most unfortunate.
Some people have been talking about selling off NNPC, privatize it and all of that. I know that is the global best practice but we have our local challenges that we cannot overlook. The immediate solution to fuel scarcity is not to sell off NNPC but to start issuing licenses for modular refineries.
Free the market. If you allow the market go free, the prices will come down eventually. The competition will be there. It doesn’t make any sense that the man in Maiduguri who comes all the way to Lagos to take his oil to sell in the petrol station in Maiduguri should sell at the same price with the man who just takes it to Ibadan or sells it in Lagos.

Federal Character + alleged marginalization of certain tribes
What we mean is that we want to have a country that would be formed on a united ground. United ground in the sense that no matter where you come from, regardless of your ethnicity; regardless of your religion; regardless of your social status; regardless of your political party; ideological affiliations; regardless of gender; regardless of your age; you will want to be part of a new Nigeria… The new Nigeria that we are looking for is new Nigeria that every one of us would claim without mentioning where we are from. We want a new Nigeria where there won’t be a discussion on state of origin, quota system, and all of those things that always tend to divide us will be eradicated.

Restructure the educational system especially as it concerns people receiving education beyond the classroom. We need to start thinking of how we can educate even people on the streets, whether it is road signs, whether it is public address systems… Not everybody will have the opportunity to be in classrooms. We need to talk to the people on the streets. Some people don’t even know what they are doing is wrong anymore. Right now, immorality seems to be the order of the day. We need to reengineer the minds of the people towards what is right.

Biafra Agitations
Most people from the South-East are really looking to break away from the country which personally I don’t have a problem with. I don’t have a problem with anybody breaking out from the country; I don’t have a problem with any agitation…I support the ‘One Nigeria’ dream, but you cannot force people to stay together. People can decide to want to take a different route to achieving lasting peace, lasting solutions, happiness and prosperity. What I do look at is whenever there is an agitation I expect the centre to pay attention, listen to them, compromise with them and see how they can move forward. If we have been having this Biafra situation that has lasted for about 50 years and a new generation of South-Easterners want to still go on that path, I think it’s about time we start paying attention and listen. I think we should listen to them, we should sit down and talk. I think we should not regard it as a nonsensical movement…

“The solution to the insecurity is decentralization. If everything is held in the centre, we can see very well that the centre cannot hold. It is breaking. When you allow these things to be run by the state government themselves, you will start seeing results.”
Buhari in an interview with Abang Mercy of Gatefield TV as published on June 28th, 2018

“No police officer in the country should earn less than N100,000 because they work so hard for our country. This is where our reforms should begin. You cannot take for granted those you have entrusted with law and order.”
Buhari in a campaign message, published on his campaign website on March 6th, 2018.

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