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His next level: from inconclusive to incompetent Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu.

                                                           Comrade Kabiru Dakata

The news of the postponement of the February 16th elections will come to Nigerians as a shock, because it was not expected, especially considering the level of preparation that INEC claimed to have been doing. This is the man that fixed election timetables for 36 years, yet he failed in the first general election he is overseeing as a Chairman of the commission. I know some people will say this is not the first time elections are postponed in Nigeria, as elections were postponed in 2011 and 2015. The question will be, hasn't he been learning from the mistakes of the past leaders of the commission? Now, let's look at the implications of this postponement to various stakeholders:

1. Candidates: here I'm more concerned about senatorial and house representatives candidates of the weaker parties. These guys have hussled to source for little funds to prepare for the day. By the time the postponement information was released, most of them must have disbursed the money for agents and other logistics arrangements. From where will they source such money again?

2. Electorate: some Nigerians have traveled from different parts of the country, some even from abroad, just to come to their communities and exercise their civic duty, with this decision some of them must be disenfranchised, because they will go back to their places of work and business with no possibility and ability of coming back next week.

3. International Observers: I know most of them planned to observe Presidential election only. I engaged with some whose plan is to leave Nigeria on February 19th, they will now return to their respective countries and organizations without fulfilling the observation mission.

4. School Students: school students at all levels were given some days break. In my daughter's school the break started on Thursday 14th and they will resume on Tuesday 19th February, some schools started theirs even earlier, this decision means staying more at home because they must be given another break.

5. Resources wasted: in each of the above implications, resources, both financial and human, have been wasted.

We knew Prof. Mahmud Yakubu as Mr. Inconclusive, but with this decision, he proved to be moving to his next level of Mr. incompetent. I don't want things to be more complicated for the system, I would've recommended for the sacking or suspension of the man. He has subjected us to International ridicule.

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