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Know Your Presidential Candidate (1)

Omoyele Sowore Age: 47 Years  Party:African Action Congress (AAC)
Office : Presidency


I will declare my assets before I get into office – publicly. I will declare my assets and ensure that all who have looted the funds of this country are brought to book.
I will move to ensure that everyone that has stolen from this nation is brought to book. There will be no untouchables.
Develop two technology applications that can be downloaded to cell phones as tools to be used in the fight against corruption. These tools will be used for procurement monitoring and whistleblowing.
Reform the judicial process via formation of legal review units, Public Defender Initiative and Increase in the number of judges and magistrates.

Federal Character + alleged marginalization of certain tribes
There is the need for Nigerians to totally forget about their differences and elect only responsible people. We have rotated power based on religion, ethnicity and others, which have failed us. We must avoid zoning system because when politicians are sharing money they forget about the zoning system

Job Creation 
I have a clear program that will create 5 million new jobs. I will be employing 200,000 new teachers. To address the challenges in the health care sector, I will be employing 160,000 new public health center workers. As part of my economic program, I am committing to pay a minimum wage of at least N100,000 to Federal Civil Servants. We will be creating the balance of the 5 million jobs in infrastructure development in roads, rail, housing, sewage, drinking water and agriculture.  With an aggressive 24/7 power supply agenda, we are on to becoming a tech hub in Africa.
First day in office, we would be hiring about 80,000 fresh policemen.

I will not be announcing my strategy to Boko Haram – but… I will be deploying every tool against Boko Haram. They will fall.
I can assure you that my government will not be negotiating with terrorists.
Our government will remain supportive of the amnesty program with a view towards emphasizing the creation of sustainable job opportunities for participants.
We must enhance our ability to prevent and prosecute crimes using technology. We will work to align the existing biometric database available through the BVN, voter registration, telecommunications databases and national identification scheme as a tool for law enforcement.

We want to restructure Nigeria by decentralizing power but we want it to be done by us (youth). We are the ones whose future is at stake.
I believe that many of the problems that Nigerians worry about can and should be addressed with a constitutional review initiative... I commit to instituting a constitutional review effort that will lead to the emergence of a true people’s constitution.
We commit to putting the question of restructuring before the Nigerian people in a referendum to be held within our first year in office.

Other promises tracker 
● On minimum wage: N100,000 is what we plan to provide as minimum wage for both Federal Civil Servants in the country and for Youth Corps members (NYSC).
● On marijuana: Nigeria will be exporting weed (igbo) to cure cancer in other parts of the world such that it can contribute to our GDP.

Women and Youth inclusion in governance 
Our democracy must hit a landmark next year when the young people who have been fighting for this country will taste power for the good of Nigeria.
I will start with 50-50 leadership in government, where men and women would have equal positions in the cabinet when we come in next year.

We need to expand our energy mix. Renewables like Solar, Wind, and Biogas must be added to the energy mix.
Today, many of our power plants are gas-fired. If militants decide to blow up a section of pipe – every plant that relies on that pipeline must shut down until the pipeline is repaired. We can protect ourselves against such disruption by developing a virtual pipeline comprising of trucks and rail cars that can transport LNG to some strategic power plants.
I will drive for the decentralization of power generation, transmission and distribution assets. We will rapidly roll out a series of modular 10-50MW power plants that will allow us to power communities all over Nigeria, quickly and efficiently.

Our government will immediately deploy 160,000 new primary health care workers across Nigeria’s 774 local government areas.
Drive towards Universal Healthcare by 2020 by enrolling all Nigerians in NHIS in 2019: We propose that by using contributions from the private sector and religious organizations, a minimum capitation fee of N2,000 will be used to enroll the balance of 140 million Nigerians not currently covered by NHIS.
Enhance Primary Healthcare Training: We will urgently review the Family Health curriculum and set minimum certification requirements that will ensure that no private clinic should be providing primary care without their personnel being rigorously trained first.
Electronic health records: We propose that all health institutions are paper-free by 2025

● We would declare a state of emergency, which would come with hiring 200,000 teachers.
● We will criminalize people letting their children sell on the streets when they are supposed to be in school.
● We want to invest N50,000 each on every student so that when you cannot pay your school fees, you’re not denied your final result.
● Wi-Fi will become a fundamental human right, so that everyone is connected.
● Integrate almajiri institutions into the mainstream educational system

Economy + Inclusive Growth
Three major planks of economic growth we will focus on:
1. Nigeria will be positioned as the next hub for applications development and technology support services. One technology hub will be created in each geopolitical zone.
2. Promoting small businesses through provision of affordable loans, development of small business innovation fund that will provide up to N1 million in non-dilutive funding for breakthrough ideas, provision of training for small businesses, creation of a new Bureau for Small Businesses Enterprises, tax breaks and other incentives.
3. Strengthening the manufacturing sector

Herders - farmers clashes 
My government will treat the farmer-herdsmen conflict as a food security as well as a criminal issue. Commercial ranching is a key part of that solution. My plans will lead to the creation of at least 250,000 new agricultural sector jobs related to commercial ranching operations that involve 20 million cows.

Biafra Agitations 
One of the first things we will do is to apologize to the people of the South East. Nigeria must apologize for the injustices done to you, we must accelerate development of the Southeast. There's money in this country to develop it.
Within four years of coming into power, not only would we complete the second Niger bridge, but will do a third Niger bridge with a fast train lane that can carry goods and services.

Debt Profile 
For far too long, Nigeria’s governments have gone on a borrowing spree, using as collateral, the potential of what we could be, or do, as a nation, rather than what we are actually doing. Growth will require investment. However, those investments must not be funded by unsustainable debt. They must be funded by money that is available to us, through cautious borrowing where necessary, but increasingly through public private partnerships (PPP)..

State Police
I totally support state policing, but I am worried, because what they are asking for is not the one we are asking for… I will not support state police where governors would not pay salaries. You are going to be more endangered with state police in which the governors are not paying their salary in seven months and they have arms.

NNPC reforms + Removal of subsidy 
Our government will require that at least 20 percent of the oil produced in Nigeria must be refined in Nigeria starting with allotments from the Federal Government’s 55 percent share of petroleum resources under the current joint venture agreements. We will guarantee that our partners in that endeavor will be able to sell their products at market rates within the Nigerian market.

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