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Know Your Presidential Candidate (10)

Chike Ukaegbu Age: 35 Years Party:Advanced Allied Party (AAP)
Office: Presidency


I believe in restructuring Nigeria.
Each zone will function as an autonomous entity with the FG serving as a support system. Zones will be led by a Zonal Head who will work with the Zonal Assembly in running respective zones.
Aspirants for political offices must go through and pass a six months leadership training.
All political campaigns will be funded by the Federal Government under the Domestic Affairs Ministry. Independent candidature will be encouraged and will exist alongside political parties.
No elected positions or appointed positions, including Vice President and Deputy Governor, will exceed two consecutive terms, regardless of office. After any two consecutive terms, aspirants must go through a leadership refresher training and wait at least one cycle before running again.
Candidates for presidency/vice presidency cannot be less than 35 or over 65 years old.

● We need about 1.5 to 2 million policemen. And we need to incentivize the people who protect us.
● Security goes back to making sure our police are well fed, their well being and families are taken care of. If we take care of them and incentivize them to understand the importance of being loyal to the country first and securing the nation, then they would be effective, and it would be easier to tackle insurgency at the local/community level.
● Government needs to listen to the people, make sure our security systems work, and also make sure our judiciary works to criminalize and fight terrorism.
We have failed at dealing with insurgencies in an effective way which is part of what has given rise to insecurity in our nation. Part of the problem is we have leaders whose perspective of leadership came from the colonial masters.
We need to make sure that the people who put their lives on the line everyday to secure you and I in our nation feel appreciated. We need to pay them livable wages. We need to make sure they understand that this is not the end of the road. You don’t choose to become a policeman because you cannot do any other thing. It should be a career of pride...

Herders - farmers clashes 
I have a 10 point comprehensive solution to solve the Fulani herdsmen conflict:
1. Dialogue among all stakeholders involved to understand the problem, negotiate peace and create solutions.
2. Create world class ranches from a section of Sambisa forest, which is federal land that spans six states and is 18 times the size of Lagos.
3. Reclaim encroaching desert lands by reforestation.
4. Repair destroyed farmlands/compensate farmers for losses.
5. Nomadic farmers should return to the North to concentrate efforts for better quality of produce while we incentivize Northern Governors to allocate temporary land to be used as ranches.
6. Training and skills development for farmers and nomads to both educate them to improve quality of life and farming, as well as equip them with technology capable of improving produce.
7. Introduction of agricultural technologies to enhance both livestock and crop farming.
8. Aggressively fight domestic terrorism and punish aggressors by effective community policing and strong/effective intelligence gathering.
9. Set up microfinance and venture capital funds and train sector-focused emerging fund managers to actively support farmers.
10. Ease commerce and encourage growth of local sectors and exports via tariffs on imports, policies to support innovation and entrepreneurship, incentives and subsidies on production.

I have three major policies to pursue — education, tech and entrepreneurship. Education is important to teach our young ones about the problems we have and how to solve them.
We will make sure our teachers are well paid – double salaries, if you need to do that. Then give them a time frame to go make sure they are certified or recertified. Weed out those who are unqualified and encourage them to go into the private sector. Once you find that qualified crop of teachers, make sure they are well compensated. You want all of their attention to be focused on making sure they create great Nigerian students and not worrying about how to put food on their table for their children.
We need to attract people with the expertise back. Our research institutions - colleges and universities - have to be funded.

We have a nation of about 200 million people and we don’t have a centralized data system… You cannot provide health insurance for a populace you do not have social infrastructure for.
Part of the reason why healthcare is expensive in Nigeria is medication. We need to have drug manufacturing plants and industries here that can create affordable generic medication.
I want to be able to build a world class – at least 50 bed hospital – in every capital city. And then six urban care centres around the state to help feed that.
We need to invest in educational research, have world class teaching hospitals and attract the right doctors.

State Police 
We need to decentralize the police force and have community/state police. Not the vigilantes but a state sponsored thing standardized across all states in the nation where those who seek to go into service/law enforcement are equipped and trained properly to understand the work they need to do. They will go to school for training whether 6, 12 or 18 months that qualifies them to understand what security means in their communities.
Community policing should not involve guns because that becomes a tool of intimidation.

Other promises tracker 
I have a four-point solution plan which are:
Feed the people
Invest in their wellbeing.
Invest in their ideas.
Invest in their future.

Biafra Agitations 
I'm not in support of any agitations that advocate for division because I think one of our greatest suits is our population, our collective ability to be one nation. Left to me, we should buy up both Chad and Niger. Because they have more land mass than we do and much less population and we should start to grow this pan-africanism that I think we need as a continent.
Those in southeast (Biafra) believe we are relegated to the bottom of the barrel. Nobody cares about what our needs are. We are almost always oppressed… It’s listening to people and asking what the problems are. Genuinely, compassionately finding solutions to that. If we do that, making sure we have a strong security system, it becomes easier to hold people accountable…

● Corruption is everywhere. However in our nation what we measure as corruption sometimes is what I call survival tactics.
● To tackle corruption, we have to focus on human capital development. We invest in our wellbeing (education, healthcare, security, infrastructure, environment, gender equity). Then we invest in ideas by encouraging entrepreneurship. We also need to invest in our future.
● We will invest in technology to block the loopholes in our system.
● We have to ensure that every citizen is equal. So the rich would be held accountable just like the poor. We will ensure that our judiciary understands what it means to uphold the law. You cannot eradicate corruption but you can curb it to the extent at which the interest of the nation supersedes that of the individual.
The problem we have is we do not have the infrastructure to fight corruption.
For me, the way we tackle corruption is: I’m not going there to jail any and everybody who I think is corrupt. No. You don’t achieve anything by doing that. What you do is make sure you get 87 million people out of poverty, you strengthen your economy and then you implement technologies that can help you plug the loopholes that encourage corrupt practices… If you have some of those things that make it difficult to cheat the system, you start to see how we gradually take care of this problem.

Job Creation 
I believe that we need a stimulus plan. The stimulus plan that says we want to give you money every month to be able to put food on the table for you and your families and the people who depend on you. However, here’s the criteria to doing that: we’re not just giving you handouts free money to go eat but we want to make sure that you are gaining a skill set, that you understand what it means to contribute to the economy. So here, for you to get this allocation, you have to go through skills training sessions, you have to learn about entrepreneurship, how to start small business so that if you choose to use a portion of this stimulus package to start up a small business, here are the other things we have in place to support that. Imagine if we are able to turn say 50 of the 87 million into entrepreneurs, small business entrepreneurs that are contributing to our economy, imagine how stronger we will be as a nation.

NNPC reforms + Removal of subsidy
One of the first bills I plan to sign on day one will be the PIGB because Petroleum being a priced source of revenue, it is important that we stabilize that industry.
The reliance on natural resources will not be priority for me at all because I think we need to develop human capital as a predominant source of revenue for our economy.

Women and Youth inclusion in governance 
You should not hand the future of the youths to older people because their role should be elder statesmen. What we need now is fresher ideas.
The current president happened to be president when was I born and that’s 35 years ago. We are in an Artificial Intelligence epoch and it’s like we are driving into this future with an analog system not even digital. So it is important for Nigeria to have a president who understands the needs of the young people.

I am going for 100 percent electrification. We have to generate about 100GW of power. What we have to do is upgrade the system and fix the infrastructure we have in place.
Let us have companies manage the entire process, like the Southern Power Company in the United States does. If you create a competition where you tell the DISCOS to own the entire process from generation to transmission to distribution, you create the sort of competition you need for Nigerians to pick who they want to provide them with power, just as with what happened in telecoms industry.
We have to look at alternative sources of power – solar, wind, hydro, nuclear and understand that it is cheaper to invest in these alternative energies.

Debt Profile 
● Loans are important and needed to get from where we are to where we hope to be. But we need to have ways of re-negotiating those things. For example, how do we use trade and barter to negotiate these things? There are different ways of steering the economy without putting us into more debts.
● We must make sure loans are used for why they are taken. I think now we have about $13 billion borrowed in 3 years and have nothing to show for it.

Economy + Inclusive Growth 
● We will provide a stimulus plan. It is important. There is no reason why Nigeria as the largest oil producing nation in Africa should have the largest population of people who live in extreme poverty. Stimulus plan… you give them money monthly to feed themselves.

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