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Know Your Presidential Candidate (12)

Tope Fasua Age: 47 Years Party:Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)
Office: Presidency


Herders - farmers clashes 
Decades of misgovernance got us here, where we are having Fulani/Farmers clashes in Adamawa, Benue, Taraba and elsewhere, and governors are issuing fatwas that they don’t want to see these herders. One could conclude that indeed the people are hungry. Only hungry people are so angry to pick up arms and slaughter each other at every little provocation. So we need this methodical approach of layering and delayering the problem, and situating each layer where they belong. We must not lump up the issues, or bring in our own biases.

Economy + Inclusive Growth 
We have to think about how to achieve 20% growth; and stabilising inflation between 10% and 15%, because high growth drives inflation.
Let us focus on the basics, to feed ourselves, to ensure our own security, to tidy up after ourselves, to clothe ourselves and to house ourselves… We can create a programme that rallies our efforts in these areas. Over 2 million jobs can be created in the environmental and security sector alone.
The next phase of growth for Nigeria is at the very local level. Reduce the percentage of the commonwealth that goes to federal to 25%, and give states 35%, but conserve 40% for the local governments so as to relieve the total neglect that they are facing.

Standardise Health Insurance for all citizens
Reduce public health bill drastically by encouraging building of toilets in all houses – to reduce open-defecation to zero
Upgrade all primary health care centres across the country
Halt brain-drain of medical personnel to other countries by paying living wages to them
Create 300,000 new jobs in the medical field under two years – to reduce the current dearth of medical staff and assistants
Create 300,000 new jobs for health and sanitary inspectors with focus on low-income areas.

● Ensure free quality basic education for all Nigerians
● Ensure basic IT training in all public primary and secondary schools
● Ensure the teaching of practical Agriculture and ownership of small to large farms by secondary schools and universities subject to availability of land
● Retool teachers at basic education level and pay them living wages. Return the dignity to the teaching profession.
● Review curriculum at university level to ensure they suit current needs in our strategic industries

Women and Youth inclusion in governance 
We must be ready to deploy more young and energetic people, women and older people in achieving greatness. However, for now, the balance is too skewed towards the older generation and therefore there is a need for a hard reset.
Our party stands for more involvement of women in the political process and in managerial and executive roles across the spectrum. We shall offer many of our positions to ladies who indicate interest and will commit to offering 100% of our elective positions to women, while ensuring that at least a 40% uptake is achieved in order to tap into a balanced reserve of ideas, styles and creative capabilities.

Our security problems are by every means, intelligence problems
Constant dialogue is required in solving the security issues
Only the youth of Nigeria can secure their country. I am not advocating vigilantism, but a youth with jobs, with hopes, who are seeing how they are contributing to the growth and development of their country, who have sense of responsibility not merely sense of entitlement about what they can grab from their country, will soundly secure their own environments. It’s their country after all.

Deploy renewables and any form of alternative energy that can help the situation.
Our building code should be amended such that any middle income to luxury house comes with solar panels. Make Nigeria the solar-power hub for Africa and train Nigerian youths on the manufacturing of solar panels and other components
Review of current power value-chain to address inefficiencies and complaints from all stakeholders including GENCOs, DISCOs, and especially, Industries and Households.

Other promises tracker 
Minimum wage will be increased to N30,000.
Provisional employment schemes should be created for youths who are out of secondary school for them to earn at least N15,000 per month for three hours a day work.

I believe in restructuring but it is not some sort of silver bullet that solves every problem.
The first thing to do is economic restructuring.
We can achieve immediate progress by looking for quick wins, constitutional amendments of items that make absolutely no sense to be kept at the federal level, such as power generation, rail systems, prison systems and so on.
We should be gunning for a part-time legislature
We should be seeking to make our local governance stronger, and we could actually invert our revenue allocation formula to favour the lowest rung of government.

Some of the corruption comes from a culture gone awry. People need N50 million to organize weddings, N30 million to bury their parents. People want to show off even the money they don’t have. Media focuses much attention on those who have money and thus redefines morality. First is to let our people know that this approach will lead Nigeria into perdition, because we cannot all be billionaires. What they have achieved in other countries is the dignity of labour, and a certain contentment that assures one that one is not missing anything by not being a billionaire. But here in Nigeria, the rhetoric on the streets, our music, even our religious preaching is sometimes about getting rich or dying trying. Communication will be beamed in that direction.

NNPC reforms + Removal of subsidy
The government should exit this business of ‘subsidy’ because it has enabled criminals to feed fat on the blood, sweat and tears of hapless Nigerians. I had advised that government removed its hands entirely when crude oil dropped to $28/barrel. That was the perfect time. But the next best time, is now.

Job Creation 
On youth employment, we will create one million sustainable jobs for youth between the ages of 15 and 24 in Environment, Paramilitary service (public law and order) and Tourism sector (tour companies and tour guides).
Creation of at least 200,000 university graduate jobs through this scheme (one graduate to supervise 5 non-graduates).

Federal Character + alleged marginalization of certain tribes
We shall encourage the abrogation of ‘state of origin’ as a divisive factor in our public engagements and on government forms, as a way to promote unity.

Debt Profile 
Borrowing is not a first line of revenue of a government. Infrastructure that you should be financing is the one that can at least pay themselves back to a large extent. If you are financing an infrastructure that you can’t tell where the cash load is, then you are in trouble.
These projects we borrow for, are such that common-sense will fix for us if we had any. These are projects that our universities and polytechnics should fix for us if we had any that was worth its name. These are projects that sane governments should sort out with internal revenue.

Biafra Agitations 
In my view, the rhetoric, actions, threats and propaganda from IPOB could only lead to boots on ground. I’ve been in several battles to ensure this IPOB issue does not escalate. I saw through the ‘strategy’ of Kanu and his close supporters; that the game is to collapse the current economic structure so that they may emerge on top…
Having just seen the South East, I can confirm that if it seceded today – peacefully – it will be justified. But the problem again, is that they really don’t want to leave. Or do they? The matter leaves one confused.

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