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Know Your Presidential Candidate (3)

Hamza Al-Mustapha Age: 59 Years Party:Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)
Office: Presidency


Dedicated attention will be made for 36 internationally accepted diagnostic centre (IDC) across the nation with supporting trauma centres.
Adequate investments will be undertaken in training doctors, nurses and other paramedical personnel in order to achieve a proper balance of their numerical strength to the size of the population.
PPN government pledges to eradicate mosquitoes and rats from the country within 18 months of its administration thereby contain and control the deleterious effect of malaria and other endemic diseases which at present account for the short life span and large scale premature mortality in the country and of the country as well (through the nefarious activities and of the blood-sucking and parasitic exploiter class).

We are promoting causes of insurgency by our actions and sayings.
This anti-social phenomenon of crime escalation will be drastically combated, if not completely eliminated within months of PPN’s administration.
The Police Force will be reinforced with manpower and modern equipment for the detection and prevention of crime and in its general law enforcement duties. PPN promises to upgrade the present low level of the social status of the Police to enjoy the respect and cooperation of the public.

Job Creation 
There are numerous ways to engage our youths and get them involved into the system. But this is one secret that we have. When God Almighty gives us the opportunity tomorrow, we would unveil it and our young ones would know that there is attention, there is care and there are innovations for them to get involved and empower them.
Within 18 months of its being in office, the PPN government will establish by a law a nationwide comprehensive Labour Registry for all you and adults by which every unemployed person in the country must be identified, registered and provided with gainful employment.

Our education policy is to accentuate greater emphasis on science, mathematics and technical subjects in their practical application and to inculcate in school children the greater national need for their mastery of these subjects.
The PPN programme for education is aimed to develop the language, symbols, resources and instruments of healthy national building.
Eliminate illiteracy in the country by 2020.
Provide universal, free and compulsory primary, secondary, postsecondary, technical, vocational and university education throughout the federation.

Other promises tracker 
On Agriculture: The prime PPN strategy will be to reactivate, stimulate and restore agriculture to its proper place and status as primarily the most productive basic sector of the national economy. This will be achieved, not through partial and incoherent measures, but by a massive and comprehensive re-organization and revolutionalization of the agricultural industry. PPN government will within twenty- four months of its administration allow, as an exceptional measure to the overall policy of state ownership of all land, for the existing owners of medium size private and communal agricultural holdings to continue their holdings on the strict condition and provision that they will justify government’s confidence and public trust that such holding must be developed on a co-operative basis for greater and better productivity.
On Housing: Undertaking a massive building programme not only in urban areas, but also in rural districts. Local materials from our forests, mine and similarly places will have to be used extensively for the quickest but safest building of accommodation.

Women and Youth inclusion in governance
I am calling for a platform where all Nigerians would be treated equally in a democratic setting that supports the younger and future generations.
Women have become victims of the political class for decades. Only when election comes they are relevant, but the sooner election goes, the little peanuts they are given is gone. Then they would remain there starved until another election comes. This is unacceptable, playing with the psyche of our mothers, sisters, and wives. So the party has to grow with room for women.

Restructuring the country is inevitable. It must start with the constitution.
Anytime in Nigeria, go back to our history, when restructuring issues come, it is simply because there is election coming near and it may not be from the zoning, from the management of political parties that does not favor some certain people. And if it doesn’t, they would now come up with such antics of restructuring.

Within our first ninety days in office, we will tackle the paralyzing lapses with which the PHCN organization and management are plagued at present and urgent steps shall be undertaken to put existing services on a level of sound productivity and efficiency.
We are committed to introduce the obviously required measures to affect a comprehensive energy of hydro-electric power generation from the country’s vibrant complexes of river basins which will be fully harnessed and developed as one basic primary source of energy supply.

NNPC reforms + Removal of subsidy 
The petroleum policy of the PPN government will consciously promote a programme of proper conservation and optimum use of oil resources.
Our petroleum policy will be coordinated to dethrone “oil power” in the system of the Nigeria economy and re-establish the reality of the correct perspective of a resilient national economy based on the bountiful endowment of diversified resources of national wealth.

Federal Character + alleged marginalization of certain tribes 
Our main purpose is to foster a nation where all dividing lines must disappear. To play down those which divided us in the past while accentuating those wonderful virtues which unite us.
We seek to articulate the abounding opportunities in the country in order to rebuild and recreate a new and totally de-colonised Nigerian policy in which ethnic loyalties and recourse to safety in the protection of the tribe or clan will be substantially de-emphasized.

Economy + Inclusive Growth 
The exploiter class will be suppressed. The capitalist commission agent and non-productive middle men, while not being brutally eliminated, will be persuaded to accept the desirability of even distribution of the national wealth so as to guarantee peace and harmony and to ensure technological and sociological development of the country.
The wealth of the nation will no longer be sustained by impoverishment of the masses of the people.
Business climate will be made conducive for external capital flow into our economy. International financial institutions like IMF, World Bank, Paris club etc, will be convinced and satisfied with our economic planning to the extent that their policies will benefit Nigeria in no small measure when the gains of deregulation and accountability are clearly manifested.
Under our devolution of power program, the north will be transformed simultaneously overnight into a major agro-industrial zone.
Each zone will regain substantial autonomy over its natural and mineral resources and deposits, but the PPN Federal Government will have responsibility for monetary regulation, among other duties.
PPN in government will bring down inflation through an urgent revaluation of the Naira within six months.
Our programme of industrialization will be based on the principle that we can produce whatever we need ourselves if we work hard enough at it. This principle is engendered by the realization that no nation ever becomes ‘developed’ by being spoon-fed technologically and no nation is benevolent enough to help another country develop without attaching string to its aid or getting more from the arrangement in return.

If you have to fight corruption in Nigeria, you have to tackle it from multi faceted angles; the EFCC is not strong enough to fight corruption. It requires a bigger body that has the capacity of intelligence that can reach out to the international community to get our stolen funds stashed abroad and equally prosecute rather than relying on the regular Police to do that.
Fighting corruption in the form of gimmicks by allowing only one agency is not scientific and is just a political tool to hunt enemies.
Besides, corruption are of many types - financial corruption is just one aspect. But there is also administrative corruption where people in high places tell lies, it is corruption. Setting bad examples to younger ones is corruption. Distorting facts and events in our country and telling lies and having documents that misguide, misinform and create disaffection to the people by giving misinformation, meaning promoting and investing in hate is also corruption.

Biafra Agitations 
Any call to divide Nigeria is unacceptable. I have been playing a role to ensure a united Nigeria. I have been criss-crossing the North and the South-East, and to all parties concerned, soliciting for peace.
My understanding is that certain people are investing in these problems to promote themselves, but very soon the government would realize it.
The people creating tension in Nigeria are behind Kanu. What he is doing may not necessarily be to create tension but those behind him are investing in the tension to divide us as a nation. But our security agencies are doing a lot to identity them. All I am after is the creation of a platform that is sincere and that caters for indigent Nigerians.

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