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Know Your Presidential Candidate (4)

Yunusa Tanko Age: 53 Years Party: National Conscience Party (NCP)
Office: Presidency


Job Creation 
We believe that job creation can be made into the 774 local government areas of Nigeria. We believe that there must be a cottage industry domiciled in each local government based on their local contents.
Unemployment allowance will be given to anyone of working age who is not employed. The NCP regards the public sector or the government as the engine of economic growth.
There is nothing mythical about job creation. Once conscious, serious, honest and well organized efforts are made to deal with the problems of food, agriculture, education, housing, health, transportation, energy, power & steel, electricity etc. millions of jobs will be created automatically.
The NCP government will not only create jobs, a living minimum wage will be introduced and it will rise periodically as inflation rises.
Employment will not only be provided, there will be job security until retirement.

Adopt and implement the universal policy that regards education as a right not a privilege.
Carry  out  massive  investment in  the  training  and retraining of teachers at all levels of the educational system.
Employ, more teachers and lecturers as may be appropriate
Motivate the staff in educational institutions by paying attractive and competitive  wages  and  salaries.
Make education free and compulsory up till secondary level.
Provide free and nutritious mid-day meals in all public nursery, primary and secondary levels.

Ensure payment of attractive salary rates, which shall rise as inflation rises, to the rank and file of the security arms of government.
Revitalise the system of recruitment, operational mechanism and conditions of service of all security apparatus in Nigeria.
Provide compulsory basic military training for all participants in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme and other adults between the ages of 18 and 30.
Establish Community security committees at local levels to evaluate, assess and complement the security needs of each locality.
Demonstrate commitment to solving the economic problems afflicting the Nigerian masses.

Provision of cost-free medical services is a fundamental right of all Nigerians. Any person who requires medical treatment will receive it free at state expense.
No  NCP  public  official  will  travel  abroad,  at  government expense, for medical care.
Health institutions will not be required to pay water and electricity bills.
Qualified  medical  personnel  will  be  employed  with  attractive  terms  of employment.

The NCP will ensure that the wealth of the nation will not be concentrated in a few hands. While successive governments have been crying of a market-driven economy, the NCP is committed to people’s needs-driven economy. 
Corruption and inefficiencies hitherto associated with public enterprises will be discouraged by severe punishment. 

Biafra Agitations
If Biafra is a theory and a principle, an ideology, then every part of this country is a Biafra. Because every part of this country have an issue to grind with the government. They have not been fair to the Nigerian people, the downtrodden, the masses.

State Police
We need to support the call for community policing.
Every Nigerian needs to be a security officer of his own so that he can disseminate information when we see things going wrong. That would help the security apparatus to work.

The NCP believes in total restructuring of the system.
The thing about restructuring is that in the country generally, everybody has a way they think about restructuring: in the southwest, restructuring means state independence, state police and everything. In the south east, restructuring means the issue of marginalization. In the South-south, restructuring means, resource control. In the north east, total decay--religious differences and tribal, domination of religion and tribal--that is their own problem; so also is the north central. In the North West--the North West happens to be the only region that still believes in the unity of this country.
We believe strongly that if poverty can be removed from the system, majority of the agitation you are seeing would not be there.

Other promises tracker 
On Food: The  NCP government will put an end to starvation. Massive  investments  will  be  injected  into  food  crop  and  livestock production.  Farmers’ cooperatives  will  be  encouraged. The NCP  will  ensure  food  security  including  effective  mechanisms  for processing,  preservation  and  guaranteed  access  by  all  and  sundry throughout the year.
On Transport: The NCP government shall interlink all the states of the Federation with modern  dualized  motorways and interlink  all  local governments with modern tarred roads. The  NCP will  invest  in modem railway network interlinking all the strategic parts of the country and implement  a  programme  of  surface  and underground railway transportation system in densely populated cities.
On Water: The  NCP  pledges  to  commit adequate resources to implement an efficient and effective pipe-borne water  programme  to  encompass  the  entire  nation.
On Housing: Pursue a massive housing programme in the interest all the poor strata. Formulate  and  implement  policies  that  will  encourage  private sector  employers  to  invest  in  provision  of  housing  units  for  their employees.

Women and Youth inclusion in governance 
What the NCP would do is to build its pillars on the Nigerian youths. Our campaign is now based on the Nigerian youth, so let us form a kind of like critical mass to change the system.

Economy + Inclusive Growth
The naira exchange rate against other foreign currencies shall be pegged and shall not exceed 10 Naira to 1 US Dollar. 
Re-nationalization of privatized enterprises in the commanding sectors of the economy.
Active protection of local industries through prevention of unfair trade practices militating against the growth of local enterprises.

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