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Know Your Presidential Candidate (5)

Fela Durotoye Age: 47 Years Party: Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)
Office: Presidency


Women and Youth inclusion in governance
● We need the strength of the youth and the wisdom of elders in our cabinet. The average age of cabinet members must not exceed 49 years.
● The ministers of state should be the next generation ministers in waiting so that we would have some form of succession planning. The average age of the ministers of state should not exceed 39 years old.
● We should have gender parity within our cabinet. This means we must have 50-50 representation of male and female ministers and members of the cabinet.

To be able to fix Nigeria, we have to restructure our minds, not just our constitution. Let’s make demands from the people that we elect and restructure their accountability process. Let’s restructure our political parties and make sure everybody in the party can vote for their aspirants. Let’s restructure our electoral financing and make sure it is possible for people to run for an election without requiring so much money. Those are the kind of restructuring that we need.

We will increase the literacy rate by up to 90% in 4 years by making education compulsory up to high school across Nigeria. 
We must ensure that we have unified exams at every level – not just through the JSS3 or SSS3 exams – so that children are taught on the same curriculum and tested on the same exams at every level of their schooling.
Review our curriculum to include leadership, technical & vocational education, enterprise and career decision making.
Establish Special Judicial Courts for education related crimes such as harassment by lecturers or by other students especially cultists, improper withholding of results etc.
Launch specialized universities. In doing that we will reduce the cost of administration, the cost of running those universities and the cost of education to the students.
About 9 million Almajiri children will be rehabilitated and the full Islamic schools will be evolved to mainstream education & Islamic centers.
Government expenditure on education will not be less than 5% of GDP starting from the 2020 budget.

Guarantee delivery of a minimum of 12,000MW to Nigeria within 4 years from the current 4,000MW-5000MW.
Ensure a multidimensional regional approach to power generation across the federation.
Prioritize the use of renewable energies for power generation.
Partner with the private sector in the area of increased funding for power projects across the federation.
Fully deregulate the end to end electricity chain. This will make the sector attractive for investors and allow market to determine prices (cost reflective).
Implement a National Energy Rebate Scheme that allows for proper pricing to attract investors within and outside Nigeria to be able to make our power work. Find ways to cushion the effects on the vulnerable parts of our population by giving them rebate tickets that can be used to claim back monies spent on power.

We must ensure that we have access to primary healthcare for all.
We must ensure that we have free health care for children between 0 to 5 years old and adults of 65 and above. Great nations are the nations that take care of the weak and                          vulnerable especially the elderly who have labored in providing the kind of nations they have been able to build.
We must have mandatory universal health care insurance for every Nigerian with an emphasis on maternal care to ensure that we are able to reduce to a minimum maternal mortality by 2023.
We must set up six regional healthcare cities and provide tertiary and specialist medical care and act as medical tourism destination for the West African sub region.
We must stem brain drain and provide adequate and conducive environment for medical practitioners who are in Nigeria.

State Police
We will provide support for community and state policing.

Biafra Agitations 
The Durotoye led government will engage in dialogue with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). We will start and show good faith first by delisting IPOB group from the national terrorist group list.
I will not pursue a referendum on Biafra. I am going to pursue the unification of this country and ensure that the people of the South East become proud of the fact they are Nigerians. I believe we need to come back and have a national dialogue on how we as a people can move forward.

Job Creation 
Reduce unemployment rate in Nigeria from greater than 18% to less than 10%.
Create 3 million jobs every year: making 12 million jobs in 4 years.
We will reduce unemployment by:
1. Prioritizing and supporting agricultural production across each geo-political zone.
2. Creating a National Jobs database to be able to connect job owners with job seekers within my first 100 days.
3. Scaling up MSME's and increasing their capacity to hire at least one person per year (Operation Scale-Up Nigeria).
4. Making Nigeria attractive destination for manufacturing by introducing tax credits for reinvestment.
5. Establishing vocational and technical skills acquisition training centers across each of the 6 geo-political zones.
6. Swift implementation of a Start-Up Action Plan to support start-ups across the federation.

Herders - farmers clashes 
● We will put a complete end to activities of violent herdsmen. No cow, cattle, goat, animal’s life can be equated to a human life. Anyone who kills another will be held accountable in a nation that I lead as president.
● We must fix security agencies. Appoint the right leadership, clearly define for them what is expected, give them the resources required to do what they have to do, make sure you hold them accountable and fire those who don’t perform.

Federal Character + alleged marginalization of certain tribes 
Whenever our goal is clear and it is a national goal, we all unite without caring for tribe or tongue or religion. As long as every Nigerian gets the benefit of our collective success, those things we used to think about won’t matter anymore. We need to find goals that unite us as a people and give benefit to all Nigerians, and that is what we will make happen.

Economy + Inclusive Growth
● We will attain 5% annual GDP growth rate by 2020 and year on year.
● Diversify the economy – agriculture, mining, technology, tourism – by decentralising natural resources to allow states generate more revenue.
● Promote better tax compliance through two key strategies: Reduced personal income tax (PIT) by few points; Reduced rate of company income tax (CIT) from 30% to 20%.
● Improve Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from average $500 million to all high time of $3 billion. With improved FDI, unemployment rate at 18% will drop to all time low of 5%.
● We will establish 36 industrial zones in every state to encourage small scale processing and manufacturing. They will be fully serviced with electricity, machines, storage, distribution facilities and connected to the rail networks to get them to the ports.

● We will defeat the Boko Haram insurgency completely and ensure that every one of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) return to their homes or is reabsorbed into a reconstructed community.
● Every military intervention must be in line with the proportionate use of force and adhering to fundamental human right provisions.
● We will create one military equipment manufacturing plant to ensure that all security forces are armed with state-of-art weaponry.
● For more effective security, we will:
1. Ensure that merit-based appointments and promotions are done within our security forces.
2. Ensure that there is adequate funding that is released promptly.
3. Ensure that we have performance-based training and rewards so that we can have a highly skilled force.
4. Ensure that we have effective community relations so that we can have intelligence that is adequate among our security forces.
5. We must look to the remuneration, salary, feeding, housing healthcare and education. We must make sure that even our veterans are taken care of.

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