U.S. Embassy concludes Soccer Buddy project for IDPs

Tivo FC players jubilating for emerging winners of the Buddy Soccer Project at the Kuchin Goro IDP camp

 The United States Embassy has finished a three-month Soccer Buddy Project for Internally Displaced Persons at the Kuchin Goro camp yesterday.

 According to the U.S. Embassy ChargĂ© d’Affaires Kathleen FitzGibbon said she was satisfied with the outcome of the project which was created as a tool for reorientation as well as teaching the teenagers about leadership and civic duties through seminars.

 “I’m very satisfied with what this has brought to the children in the IDP camp. Because it gives them hope and get some, thinking about going home at some point. “So those are the kinds of things that we can’t do on our own. We can just set the platform for them to get that feeling. So they’re also getting the social skills to be good citizens and leadership skills that will last them the rest of their life.

 In the same vein, the cultural affairs officer, Sterling Tilley advised the teenagers to not be deterred by the camp walls as they aim to achieve their goals. “The whole idea of football is to bring forth a team that actually works together to achieve a certain goal. And that’s what these kids are learning.

“They’re also learning about Leadership and team spirit and all of those things combined to help people grow into efficient people to help lead this country into a better place beyond. “I will tell you see these walls around this facility do not define these kids. And that’s what we are hoping that they understand.
 That, they learn that walls are just walls, you can walk around them or you can go over. The sky is the limit for these children,” he advised. Meanwhile, at the end of hostilities, Tivo FC emerged champions defeating Unick Star FC and Champion FC with 21 points.
 Source: DailyTrust

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